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LLAMA ABC's   Common Questions

Q:Why Own LLamas? What can you do with a llama?
A: It is as ABC! Here are 26 answers ...

Llamas are an Adventure

Llamas are Beautiful

Llamas are Curious, yet shy

Llamas are Dependable and trainable

Llamas are Environmentally sensitive

Llamas are Fun Family companions

Llamas make Great communicators

Llamas are Hardy (disease resistant)

Llamas are Intelligent and teachable

Llamas are fantastic Joggers, walkers, hikers.

Llamas can Keep easily with other animals

Llamas are Loveable, soft and easy to handle

Llamas are Maintained easily

Llamas have Nice fiber for spinning

Llama Ownership is exciting and a fun business

Llamas are a Profitable investment

Llamas are Quite compatible with small children

Llamas Reproduce adorable babies

Llamas are Sheltered and fenced easily

Llamas are Transportable

Llamas have Understanding natures

Llamas come in a Variety of colors and patterns

Llamas are Wonderful, gentle, and peaceful

Llamas are eXcellent guardians

Llamas are Yarely (nimble,agile)

Llamas provide Zillions of hours of delight and joy.

They add fun and charm to life!