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Problems Weighing You Down?

We are social beings. In our society valuable beings are viewed as those who have love and acknowledgement. We seek image of heavy wool unshorn Kalientaacceptance and desire to prove our self worth through the many things we do, our jobs, titles, material possessions. Our social identity becomes a composition of these things.

Llamas are social beings as well. They need to be part of a herd, or at the very least, to have one or two animal companions. Just like people, there is an inner need to be part of a group. Despite this inner need, there are times when being part of a group is less than uplifting. There are llama quarrels over amounts of food, choice bedding and shade spots, disputed leadership roles, and yes even who goes first on the potty pile. Each of these can lead to frustration as a fellow group member exercises its needs over another's. Elimination of these quarrels and problems is only through the guidance of a good and wise shepherd.

The Good Shepherd's Job

A good and wise shepherd will provide for the herds' needs, carefully placing each individual in the right pasture, and tending to their wants as well as taking care of their basic necessities. Sometimes this requires doing things a llama may not be crazy about, but in the long run it will be better for the llama. For example, in this hot climate it becomes necessary for a good shepherd to shear the heavy wool burden from a llama's back. This will help the llama to pass through a summer's heat without the extra stress of trying to keep cool or the threat of hyper thermal death. Many llamas refuse the shepherd's good intentions and try to avoid having their burdens removed. It is not until after a llama accepts and trusts the shepherd that it will allow the shepherd to easily remove their burden.