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Farmer Josh packed to go10 llamas saying goodbye center spiral

One-day farmer Josh said he was going on a trip and would be gone for a while. Because he loved the llamas, he was going to his Father's home to prepare a new farm with better barns and fields.While Farmer Josh was to be gone he was leaving a trusted friend, Howard Steadfast, in charge of the llamas. The llamas were to listen to and obey Howard’s instructions, as he would care for all their needs in farmer Josh's absence. Farmer Josh promised that upon his return he would unlock the coral gate and take the believing, obedient llamas on a long hike out into new fields where they could graze and nibble upon the best of various lush grasses and wild grains. There they could be together forever with Farmer Josh and enjoy this new perfect place. They hated to part with Farmer Josh, yet they believed that he would return to open the gate and take them on that walk to the perfect farm. The llamas were excited about this future prospect and longed for Farmer Josh’s return.

Howard Steadfast

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