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Kerith Llama Terms:

Classic 2000 Llama - As defined by Wes Holmquist, is an animal bred for size consistency (43-47" at  withers) with packing purpose in mind.
Cria- is the term used for a baby llama.
Dystosia- difficult birth due to any cause. In this case it was a malpositioned cria.
ILR- International Lama Registry. Keeps records on all registered llama's pedigrees.
Inbreeding - Breeding more closely related than the general population. (ex:father-daughter or brother-sister matches) 
"Keeper" llamas- are llamas that people want to keep in their herd to use as foundations for their breeding program due to their genetics and phenotype.
"Kerith"- Named for the passage found in 1 Kings 17:3,  a  brook that Elijah is sent to as God's provision. (In some Bible translations it's spelled cherith--the Hebrew sound is hard to translate into English letters.)
Legendary Genetics- llamas that through production consistency have proven to be timeless classics.
Line-breed - Breeding to intensify genetics by closely breeding without inbreeding pairs
Outcross - breeding unrelated lines; in llamas an imported llama is often used for this.
sex-limited inheritance- traits carried in the genes, but expressed in only one sex.
Timeless Classic- A llama that is of first or highest genetic quality, unrestricted to fashion trends of the time. Not to be confused with classic 2000 llama.

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