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What Do You Do With A LLAMA?

Enjoyable activities for llamas and llama owners.

class="style9"What Do You Do With  a Llama?  This is one of two questions that we always get when we take llamas out into public forums such as fairs and school visits. The second is.."do llamas really spit? The answer in case you are curious is, yes they can spit..just like people can get mad. Usually llamas use spitting as a defense or in an argument with another llama over food. Llamas don't just spit for the fun of it. If you have been exposed to a llama that spits at people like a machine gun..I would question how that llama has been treated. It probably has some form of abuse and teasing in its background that has taught it to fear people and always be on the defensive...trying to get you to leave it alone. Llamas are cautious, curious and gentle by nature, but as they say spit can happen -- usually for a reason though!



We love to hike with our animals. They love to get out and see new things. We can be found out hiking with our llamas in all seasons, and kinds of weather.

`hiking in the pasturesHiking around Kerith-- leader of the gangHinking in the fall fieldsHiking in the Winter woodsWalking around KerithWalking Summit


Participate in shows and local fairs. It is fun to expose people to your llamas...the llamas love to get out and meet new people just as much as people love to see and meet llamas!

Kerith llamas show stallShowing in the ringWI state fair Kerith boothKerith Llamas getting ready to walk at Hollandfest parade Holland Festival Parade


Llamas are really fun to work with and train. Their intelligence, curiousity and willingness to follow a person that they trust makes them enjoyable to teach.

Training to load and unload in a trailerTraining cria to walk on leadTraining llama in grooming shoot-using blower


LLama wool is wonderful. It doesn't contain the lanoline that sheep wool has and so people who are allergic to sheep wool can wear llama wool. It is warm and soft and makes great hats, mittens, sweaters, scarfs, blankets and rugs.  We sheer our llamas every spring and then process their wool to make many wonderful items.  The llamas are greatful to remove that heavy coat  before the summer heat and we are greatful to have more wool to make items to keep us warm in the coming winter season. Llama wool is fun to knit, crochet, felt and weave into all kinds of items.

LLamas are just fun to have around. We enjoy watching them and they watch us! They make great silent "doorbells" as they will intently watch the property and you can always tell when something new has entered into their view. Summit watching usJoel watching and feeding llamas One of our families favorite activities is to walk the llamas in the Hollandfest parade. It is wonderful to watch both people and llamas as they "check" each other out along the parade route!

For more llama activities see the llama ABC page.ABC's of llamas

One final question that often have people ask us...Can people eat llamas? The answer to this question is yes, llamas can be used as a food source. In South America they are raised for meat, just like we raise cattle. Their meat is high in protein and low in fat. Personally we have never eaten llama meat. The closest that we have gotten to eating llama is a birthday cake LLama birthday cake -- German Chocolate -- our favorite!

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