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Llama Books

Good books with Llama information

A particularly helpful book we got when we began our herd. It is a good, simple introduction to general llama care that we have used lots of times. Useful llama items sells it.

Teaches the 4 "R"'s of dystocia: relax, recall, repel, and rotate, as well as, the anatomy and physiology of llama births. Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Drs. Smith, Timm and Long.  Takes you from breeding to post maternal care with super diagrams and picture aides.

A wonderful collection of materials especially helpful to us for its nutritional values and quick reference charts for medical purposes.

This is our panic book. Whenever something is going wrong and we can't figure it out, we turn here.

A great hand sized guide to read and take with you when you begin to search pastures for building a herd. Classic 2000 By Wes Holmquist. A collection of articles that focuses on silhouette of a llama discussing llama "types" and breeding with form and function in mind. Very thought provoking and helps you focus on basic llama structure. Don't get side- tracked or discouraged by name-calling, such as fancy or poodle llama. There is a good point made here that structure counts!

Llama Magazines

Magazines that specialize in llamas 

*International Camelid Quarterly (CQ), which is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*Llama Banner, which is located in Manhattan, KS

* Llama Life II, which is located in Charlottesville, VA

*Backcountry Llama ,  A site that is "packed" with information about llamas and packing with them.  (Thanks Noel McRae for the heads up on this site!)


Llama Food

What do you feed llamas?

Feed for llamas varies greatly depending on available forage. Llamas always need access to a fresh clean water source. Their main food source is grass hay. Depending both on the nutrients contained in your hay and the condition of the llama, you may want to add grain as a supplement. We have our local coop mix up a grain mixture recipe that is originally from Triple J llama farms in WA. Llamas also need access to a mineral/salt mix. We use a sheep mineral mix and blocks  from a local  store. You can also purchase minerals through one of the listed catalogs. Caring for llamas has a good chapter on basic llama feeding. For a more in depth approach, Dr. Evan's book has many aides and will help you as you coordinate a balanced nutritional diet for your herd.  

Llama Medical Requirements

 Our herd’s basic routine:  

*CD & T yearly (clostridium perfingens types C/D and Clostridium Tetani)3 in 1(Some farms use an 8 in 1).

*Rabies vaccination is another you might consider, based on your vet’s advice as to its necessity in your area. Llamas tend to be curious making their noses vulnerable to bites as they sniff and inspect other wildlife. We currently aren’t doing this vaccination at Kerith.  

*Regular worming routine that rotates ivermectin, panacur and dectomax.

**Vaccinations for llamas vary by preference and region. Check with your local veterinarian to make a personalized plan for your herd!

Llama Supplies

Catalogs, llama books, and other llama things  

*Quality Llama Products, which is located in Lebanon, OR 

*Useful Llama Items, which is located in Byron, IL 

*Premier1, a sheep supplies place with fantastic items located in Iowa We have ordered from all of these companies and have found each to be courteous, helpful and prompt.

Llama Transporters

How to get a llama from here to there...

There are a number of people who will transport a llama across the country for a fee. Since our herd has primarily come from Oregon, we have used a number of transporters over the years and have a list of local, east and west coast transporters. Each has been reliable and delivered our animals in good condition. Which transporter we use has always depended on who is delivering when and where, as these factors also determine if you can get the best economical rates. We've never found moving a llama from one place to another to be a problem.

Fun Llama Books

Interesting books with llamas for kids and kid like at heart

* Is Your Momma A Llama? 

* Llama in Pajamas by Gisela Voss

* The Llama Alphabet Coloring Book by Kate Bars

* Llama Pajamas by Susan Clymer

* A Llama in the Family by Johanna Hurwitz

* Llama Land by VeraLee Wiggins

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