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A stud can make up 50% of a breeding program, since he can produce multiple offspring in a single year. A dam can produce only one a year, or in a rare case twins. If he is the program's only stud, his gentics would be carried by every cria produced.

Keeping this in mind Kerith looked very carefully for the proper stud to start our breeding Tamserku the male that started Kerith's breeding program program. We build our program upon prestigious Patterson Ranch stock, focusing on the dam lines of a stud that were proven, yet not profusely found outside the Patterson herd. Along with Richard's guidance, we finally settled upon a male named Tamserku.  We knew his sire's line and were really impressed with his dam and her offspring. It was Tamserku's dam crossed with his sire's dam line that got us really excited about what he might do for our breeding program and it's goals. 

Why focus on the dam lines of a stud? Keeping in mind that there are sex-limited inheritance traits, one must look to a stud's dam to see possible hidden clues to genetics carried by the stud. From looking at his mother, one will find important key traits a stud might pass on to his offspring.  Such things as birthing and milking capabilities are traits he will never exhibit himself. Therefore the answer to the question, Who's Your MOMMA? a very important one to consider when choosing a stud. Much is often known about the sire of a stud, and little attention is given to his dam and what she can bring to the breeding. Remember every llama is the combination of BOTH parents' genes.

Tamserku's Mom was the Grand Dam Peggie O'Neil. In 1990, Llama Life choose her as a Grand Old Dam due to her exceptional production record of 15 offspring. At the time, Pattersons still owned 10 of them!

His legendary sire was Elcipse, who was Richard Patterson's favorite stud, as well as a direct descendant of the famous female Elka.  Elka is known for starting the legendary and sought after E-line, that has formed the baisis for many "keeper" llamas throughout the llama industry.

Tamserku had a lot of powerful genetics in his pedigree. We took him home to WI and he produced exactly what we were hoping! He was a wonderful llama to start our breeding program upon. His daughters and son have carried on the size, stretch, body shape, ears and personality that we love so much. When we lost Tamserku to stomach cancer, he was a hard stud to replace. In our minds eye we can still see him proudly running the fences keeping an alter eye upon all that is happening here at Kerith.  We are pleased that many of our llamas carry his genes.

Kerith has been blessed to have several wonderful studs in their breeding program. Please  visit with each of them and get to know them.

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